Career Education Series

Pre-college Conceptualization

Deciding what you want to do in life can be a daunting task. ESPECIALLY if you are as  indecisive as I am. I like to think through multiple options and weigh them all out before I make any decision. I tend to think a lot about repercussions and outcomes. So obviously, when it came to deciding what I wanted for my life and what to study in college, I struggled. 

Growing up, I loved science and math. I was also drawn to more creative avenues like fashion design, journaling, and writing. For the longest time in my life, everyone that knew me would tell you I was going to be a fashion designer.  But when the time came to choose a career path, a part of me wanted to continue to explore the various options in STEM. Having fallen in love with the science of living things, I knew I wanted a future that was biology-based, constantly evolving, and challenging with all the unknowns. I wanted to not only learn the science but also the applications and use that to change the world. My family pushed for medicine… but the thing is that I’m weirded out by blood, bugs, and sometimes people (haha). So after crossing that off the list, I decided engineering would be the best choice.

Learning more about the different paths, I was torn between chemical and biomedical engineering for a while. Having done a lot of research and speaking to many people with careers in both, I chose chemical engineering as it was much more versatile — leaving my future playing field as open as can be. This sounded great for someone who likes to have many options open and is indecisive to choose just one. With such a broad spanning degree, I had the opportunity to try new things in college and do specializations as my interests focussed down. I also found ways to keep my creative and people-side alive and continued following all my passions.

Involving cross-country and international travel, some wonderful faces and opportunities, ups, and downs, here is the start of my career journey.

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