Financial Series

Saving Money

Money, Money, Money. Why are we not more comfortable about sharing our finances with each other? It bothers me that when I try to have a conversation about finances, many people shy away. The possibility that their bad money habits might be exposed prompt them to retreat from the topic of conversation. Having taken enough psychology classes, we know that being vulnerable in front of people who are better than you (in academics, sports, at the gym, financially), sucks. It’s a mechanism that allows us to protect our identity, but also, not have to hear the hard truth… that we are doing a terrible job. But the only way we can better ourselves is by getting over this hump and absorbing all the critiques and compliments. 

So take this as a seminar that you can opt in for, but not have to expose any of your money habits… the good, the bad, and the ugly. For everyone looking to pay off student debt, credit card debt, car debt, save up for a home, a bike, a random amazon purchase, college, etc — I hope that you can find some good advice with Simply Prepared. Making detailed plans, allow us to help relieve some financial stress, and bring you closer to financial independence. 

  1. Getting Out of Debt
  2. Looking for a Home?
    • Pay off your mortgage
    • Save for a down payment
    • Budgets
  3. Extra
  4. What is Caroline up to Financially?
  5. Financial cash flow prediction/plan

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