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Thesis 108 – Week 2 Update

Week 2: June 7 – June 13

Short article alert! Okay — so I’ve successfully caught up nicely with  all my readings for the week. *Round of applause!*

With the combination of using references in the articles I read and figuring out what is super relevant for me to know the history of, I was able to compile about 120+ academic papers.  I think I have enough background now to move onto the next questions.

What is the economic impact?

How can we turn this into a business? 

These are two separate and really BIG questions.  

I’m obviously not an econometrist or a statistician, but I am curious about the economic impact of treating PPD proactively vs reactively. My hypothesis is that a preventative approach is cheaper and much better for the local economy. My research is not going to be as in-depth, nor lead to any definite conclusions, but will help me, and hopefully the research community understand the cost-potential. This would be a  step in the right direction for my thesis.

With regards to turning this into business — I’m not looking to make any money out of this — but rather understand, is there a better, more comprehensive business model that I can create that would have better impact and outcomes than existing models? Would I be able to draft out my method of targeting an audience with affordable, and accessible preventative treatment that would help decrease the statistics of those affected by PPD?

I think it’s a little bit ambitious of me to try to get these answers in a week so stay tuned as we work through this.

Helpful tip: I realized that reading all of these articles was overwhelming, and really put me in a state of mind where I just couldn’t think anymore. When I’m feeling this way, I figured out that starting to formulate what I’ve read in the form of paragraphs, tieing more than 3-5 articles together helps me to piece together a path on how I can approach this in my work. Most likely these paragraphs will end up in my introduction 🙂 Here is an example: 

Till next time!

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