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Traveling in a Group – Food

Food. Since the pandemic, all I can think about is food. I LOVES FOOD. 

I find that when food is involved, everyone wants to be present. Of course, what’s not to love — the smell of Peruvian food on the table is just too inviting. If you miss it… well, that sucks. Food plays a big factor in many of our lives — a lot of our holidays are built around the notion that we will have a feast afterward (thanksgiving, Eid, Rosh Hashanah). 

But what if I told you that food could actually pull people apart. I’m not joking. It’s true! 

When you are traveling in a group, let’s say in Texas, — and you are that free soul that will try anything as long as it’s good local food, you’ll find yourself pulling whatever little hair you have left out when people in your group say “ I don’t eat BBQ.” 

  • The first response might be: “Well why did you come to Texas then?”
  • The second response might be: “Well, I’m gonna go eat some BBQ — you go take care of yourself”
  • The third response might be: **silence because I don’t like confrontation**

You might think I’m making stuff up — but I promise you — I’ve been in travel groups of 3 and 70. It’s an inevitable mess.

Here is how to get around it. Before the trip:

  1. Assign everyone in the group to come up with 2 restaurants in the vicinity of your vacation destination that they would like to eat at. 
  2. The group leader (someone who wants to take this responsibility) consolidates those choices in an excel sheet and links the map and menu link. 
  3. Confirm with everyone if they have any allergies or restrictions. 
  4. The group leader will make a reservation at agreed on restaurants — everyone gets some of what they want on some days — so everyone wins at some point.

Finished outcome:

Caroline AChinese 4.72330LINK HERELINK HERE
Robert BAmerican4.91883LINK HERELINK HERE
Trisha CIndian4.61073LINK HERELINK HERE
Katlin DPeruvian4.83002LINK HERELINK HERE

This might be overkill. Like I’m just exaggerating…

Well then, please answer this quick question.

Have you ever sat in a group for 30 min, and people are deciding (politely) what to eat. And someone says “ I don’t eat XYZ ” and it’s literally 90% of the options? And then you have to drive 45 minutes to some random location… just to be there for 45 minutes. 


If you have… I am sorry.

 If you haven’t, sit back and TAKE NOTES. 

Vacation time is usually the only time that I get to splurge on food without feeling guilty or my digital-wallet looking so empty. And so, the moments leading to the vacation you can find me sitting there in front of the computer, drooling over potential food that I can’t wait to scarf down! But all of that anticipation, and excitement can be ruined if proper measures aren’t in place. All the preparation and effort put in beforehand can become ashes when someone decides to throw a wrench into the equation.

Don’t fall victim to this common mistake. Go on vacation with your friends. Enjoy their company. And have a grand old time — with a full belly of excellent food.

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