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Traveling in a Group (Series)

Group traveling is not meant to be easy. There are so many sayings that highlight the difficulty of group work:

  • Too many cooks in the kitchen 
  • Third wheel
  • I did all the work for my “group” project

If you are anything like me, you are overworked, underpaid, and just need a vacation. When you want to spend time with your friends/family, and they want to use precious days you have in order to do a group vacation — then I need to make it COUNT!

I’m sure you are here on this website to make sure that each little bit of effort matters. That means making sure that you are visiting everything you can see, climbing up that mountain, taking that swim in the pool, and living your best life on VACATION. 

The trip itself can be easy and fun if the planning is done diligently and efficiently beforehand. The most difficult part of doing any group work (in our case, a trip) is managing the people and making sure we are all getting what we want. Take some time to align your priorities before the trip! If the group is divided, plan accordingly. 

Well get a notepad out, and start taking notes — I promise you — this series is going to be excellent when it comes to group vacations, weddings, parties of any sort, and day trips. Good luck y’all! 

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