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Traveling in a Group – Accommodation

Going on vacation almost also means leaving your current location and going to a different location. That means you need to find a place to sleep! You can continue with the stereotype situation (hotels, room service), or break out of that pattern and try new things.

Time to plan: Anytime
Price: $$$$

Hotels are a great way to have a max amount of privacy. If you are traveling with other couples, this might work — you can set a time to all meet up in the lobby, and then retire for the night in your own room. If you need some time to just get away from the larger group — this might be it. 

Time to plan: A couple of days in advance (at least)
Price: $$-$$$

AirBnB’s can be a little tricky to book if it’s your first time. When looking for an Airbnb, you won’t be able to see the actual address of the location until you are locked in to book.  

The titles of the homes will have interesting location markers that might get your attention. From there, you can see how many people have rated the experience. Go through the photos and see what you like and don’t like. Don’t be afraid to use the filters!

If you are staying with a bunch of people, and have figured, it would be much easier to have certain bedroom arrangements, then it would be super helpful to take the bedroom configuration (illustrated on the AirBNB website). This will make sure no one gets stuck on a sofabed or couch. 🙂 

You will need to do some math on it, but if the overall price (including cleaning fee, service fee, occupancy tax and fees, and lastly the rate of the place) matches up with the overall budget — then it might not be a bad place to rent!

Time to plan: Depending on the Monastery & size of your group (safe bet – a week beforehand)
Price: $

There are tons of accommodations options, but don’t forget about some unique stays! If you are planning to travel internationally, this might be perfect for you and your group to try something new. Accommodations at a monastery most likely mean you are in a simple room with shared facilities. Some monasteries have a curfew and a few rules. If you know that you and your group are able to respect the rules and regulations of the monastery, then you are looking for a really unique experience for a super cheap price. Some monasteries and convents have turned into hotels with the ability to book online — do a simple google search for the area you’ll be traveling to, and see if there are any available options.

Time to plan: Depending on the Hostel & size of your group (safe bet – a week beforehand)
Price: $

Another great option is hostels. This option is great for backpack travelers that are looking for space to sleep, while they explore the country. If you are really looking to cut the budget — hostels can be a great option. Similar to monasteries, hostels often have community/shared facilities, including the rooms. Some hostels have begun to resemble some hotels, as you get a single room and some shared facilities. 

Not to mention, the opportunity to meet new people is booming when you stay at a hostel. Meeting fellow travelers can help beef up your itinerary and probably make a new pen pal in the process. 🙂 

Call beforehand and see what kind of features the hostel offers — lockers, co-ed, or single-sex floors/rooms, game rooms, etc. Hostels can be a great way to travel, especially for flexible travelers — but if it’s difficult for you to adjust, it might be a harder experience for you. 

Time to plan: Depending on the Hostel & size of your group (safe bet – a week beforehand)
Price: $$$$$$ (first time) and then $

Dare I say — camping? I feel a little hypocritical saying camping because I am so against inexperienced camping. I personally have never had a good camping experience because someone always either got hurt, or it was planned inexperiencedly. 

However, from my recent trip to Vermont, I think I’ll give camping another shot. 

Camping is super cheap. The prices of most campsites during peak season can come out to be $12-$45 each night. Some parks might offer a yearly pass for $50-100 depending on the organization they belong to. This could cut down the cost of camping if you decide to opt for it — and camp multiple times. 

Here is the thing about camping — if you and your group are first-time campers then there are a lot of one time costs that are associated with camping. You might end up spending $655-3285 for a couple of nights. But remember — these are ONE TIME COSTS. You can reuse a lot of the gear you buy for camping, and it will just get cheaper over time. If you don’t expect to go camping often or can’t store the equipment, then you might want to look into renting the gear at a reasonable price. 

Camping for a Group of 4 can cost anywhere between $655.00 – $3,285.00

  • Camping fees and gas – $64 – $390
  • Food and water – $80 – $320
  • Essential camping gear – $442 – $2,280
  • Optional camping gear – $69 – $295

Rent a room/condo/home
Time to plan: Depending on the property (safe bet – 3 weeks beforehand)
Price: $$

This might sound a little crazy. But some people just find a place to rent. It’s cheaper than a hotel and a little more sustainable. If you and your group are traveling for 2-6 weeks in the same area, then you might want to look into renting a property for that time frame. Splitting it amongst yourselves might come out to be priced fairly and let you splurge on other activities while you are traveling! Renting accommodations might come with some hidden costs if you exceed the number of people living in the property, or if you have pets. So just make sure to check those rules out before moving forward with any type of agreement. 

Wherever you go, know thyself. Haha. If you know that you and your group are super flexible, I would push the boundaries on where to stay and try something new! The possibilities would be endless — and you are going to make amazing memories!  If it’s too uncomfortable knowing that you have to share your shower with a stranger or have restrictions on your travel, then suggest something that is more in your headspace. It’s your vacation — there is no need to have extra stress.

 Wherever you go, wherever you sleep, make sure it helps take you away from your normal daily grind. It might take a couple of conversations, but eventually you are going to find the perfect place!

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