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Life with a New Puppy

A few months ago, my partner and I adopted a labradoodle puppy and named him Chester. I did not have a dog growing up, and I really wanted a companion now –  someone to provide me emotional support at all times, and also frankly a new project (must be those quarantine blues). As someone who loves new challenges and preparing for them, adopting Chester was a well-planned move! It was something we had been thinking about and preparing for a while. So I am here to share that wisdom. I should probably let you know that I am not a regular dog mom. I take my dog’s upbringing more seriously than most dog parents. I have personally trained with him and also worked with a personal trainer to sharpen his skills. I am continually teaching him new commands that are not only cute but effective and useful. Throughout this series, I will be giving you tips on dog training, dog raising, and also giving you tips on how I try to maximize the effectiveness of the time we spend together despite my busy work and personal life. 

Some of the topics you can look forward to

  • Planning to Adopt a Puppy
  • Training a new dog
  • The balance between puppy’s needs and your needs
  • How to make your dog listen without a treat in your hands? 

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