University Housing

Theme: Galaxy Party


Who isn’t fascinated with space ~ all the unknowns, the beautiful colors of the galaxy, astrology, etc? One of our colleagues and I geeked out over this common topic one time in the office and were like “let’s just make this an event!”. Remember how we always told y’all to incorporate elements that interest you? This event is the perfect example. We ideated a galaxy-themed Saturday night event with themed food, activities, movie – the whole shebang!

The overall list of what we needed to plan:

  • Chocolate topped popcorn (to make in-house, need to rent a large bowl from Dining Services)
  • Punch (from Dining Services)
  • Space food (from Amazon)
  • Movie (we chose Passengers since it was new at that time and space themed)
  • Arts and Crafts (in galaxy-themed colors – black, blues, purples -, already present at our venue)



In our residence hall, we had a room called “Afterhours” which was open to the residents every evening. Afterhours had a wide selection of movies, a TV + couch and bean bags, crafts supplies, wall fixtures of nail polish collections, sports equipment,… literally, anything you can think of was in this room. Residents could check out DVDs, different types of equipment, hang out, and use all the other fun supplies and machines. This was the perfect place for our sort of event. With all it’s cozy space, space snacks, and crafts within arms reach, it would just enhance the galaxy-themed movie! 


To maintain the galaxy-theme, we needed to work a little harder to get those dreamy midnight blue, purply space colors. We had a carnival sized popcorn machine that allowed us to pop our own popcorn! But popcorn comes in a shade of yellow… not very space-like. We used different colored chocolate candy melts and drizzled them onto the popcorn. To add a little more space pazazz, edible stars were sprinkled on. And voila, galaxy popcorn! To help bring the experience to life, we also had Freeze-Dried Astronaut Ice Cream — yum (thanks Amazon!)! 

We had to have a complementary beverage — or the theme would fall a bit flat. By ordering red daiquiri punch and adding an ever so slight blue food coloring (and a bunch of stars), we had a beautiful galaxy space punch ready to be sipped on while watching Passengers (Also from Amazon)! 


We made some cool fliers for the hall and advertised on our social media accounts. It didn’t take long for people to start texting their roommates and friends to stop by After Hours for some popcorn and a sip of galaxy daiquiri. 

Research/Prep Items 

There isn’t much physical preparation that goes into creating a Galaxy Party themed event. With access to amazon, a popcorn maker, and timely requests to dining, we can put together a wonderfully easy space event. 


An hour before the event, we picked up the punch order and started to warm up the popcorn machine. We prepped all the food, set up the room furniture to a great movie watching arrangement, arranged the crafts, pulled up the movie on the TV and that was it! We enjoyed the event so much!! We had a total of about 15-20 residents come through and about 10 people in the room at all times which was perfect for the space we were hosting in. Our snacks tasted delicious and that actual space food we got off Amazon was an interesting experience. The movie was a good watch as well. Overall, great night with some quality people. Taking back the food bowls/utensils and putting away the room to how we found it was the only wrap up we needed to do.

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