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Caroline’s Financial Health | July 2020

So Let’s take a sneak peek at how July 2020 health looked like — My expenses won’t vary as much unless I go on vacation… or School starts  ** Cue Scary Tuition Payment Music ** July 2020 Expenses  Rent: $800.00 (-) – 68.9% Credit Card Expenses: $361.74 (-) – 31.1% Netflix Subscription: $15.99 – (1.04%) […]

What is an RLPA?

After reading Caroline’s rendition on “What is a Housefellow?“, I figured I would do a post on What is an RLPA? For more context, Caroline and I met through University Housing and it was and always will be an impactful time in our lives. You can read a bit more about our journeys on our […]

Hacks to Making your Dishes “Luxurious”

Welcome to the last installment to My Cooking Journey Series! The theme of this article is to show you that you don’t need fancy and expensive ingredients and equipment to get great tasting food. Of course, taste is subjective, but for this article, you’re going to have to trust me — friends and family — […]

Job Hunting during the Pandemic

When I wrote the article Beating the Conventional Job Hunt I was still job searching and quickly realized the power of networking. Networking helps even in learning about a new opportunity during these times. Fast forward to now, around 4-5 months later… I was blessed that someone I had networked with decided to take me […]

Knitting Circle

Ideation: It could take hours, days, or even months to make your own scarf, hat, or sweater! You will only be as good as your technique. Well… as an amateur knitter, I always thought to myself — who else does this in the dorm/hall/community? Am I the only one? When I was hosting anime night […]

Theme: Galaxy Party

Ideation Who isn’t fascinated with space ~ all the unknowns, the beautiful colors of the galaxy, astrology, etc? One of our colleagues and I geeked out over this common topic one time in the office and were like “let’s just make this an event!”. Remember how we always told y’all to incorporate elements that interest […]


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