Many of us already have in mind what sort of job we want. But do we really understand what kind of career we would like to have? Take these stories as opportunities to get to know yourself better, by understanding what you’d like to do, what you are good at, and where you want to grow. You might fall in love with a career you never thought existed.


Having a successful plan will save you three very valuable resources: money, stress, and time. With five degrees between the two of us and having a very VERY active campus lifestyle, we will help you understand the ins and outs of the higher ed system. Everything from navigating housing, fulfilling your academic curiosity, and the Dos and Don’ts of undergrad/grad school. Whatever you decide to major in, we got your back.


MONEY!! Can you tell that we’re ecstatic to have this conversation? Too many times we have heard people tell us that they are afraid to check their bank accounts, hope and pray that they have enough money to pay off their credit cards, and just shrug off large interest bills. Despite living in a country that thrives on capitalism, finance education is somehow lacking. Our goals for you are to read these articles and leave empowered to kick those bad money habits goodbye and welcome a sense of financial independence.


We live to eat or do we eat to live?  Either way, food is our constant! Whether you use food as therapy, a chance to get out of your element, or a way to bond with another, we are here to support you. Caroline and Geethanjali love love LOVE food. It’s something that has been part of almost all our interactions — home-cooked meals, cafeteria snacks, coffees, sharing a glass of wine, etc. You get the picture. Why not make your interaction and experience with food more enjoyable and entertaining by planning!


While we’re the type of people that function and thrive on saturating ourselves with work, we know all too well how crucial it is to squeeze a little fun into the mixture. Going on that deserved small break, we find ourselves lying in bed watching a show, embarking on a spontaneous trip with a friend, or making a new delicious snack. It might seem a little difficult, as we are quarantined for most of 2020, but this gives us a chance to take on hobbies we never thought we’d enjoy. Keep an open mind, and you will learn all the creative and unusual  ways to have fun!


Opinionated, experienced, knowledgeable. These are the three pillars that define our guest writers. While we’re pretty good at sharing our stories , we only have the experience of two human beings (still learning how to adult). We’ve invited our friends and family to contribute as guest writers to create an all-around experience by sharing their stories as well. 


While working on our careers and social lives, personal development often takes a back seat in our adult life. Personal development is a never ending process. It allows people to evaluate their skills, qualities, goals, and potential. Allow us to help you identify the skill set you need to strengthen your prospects (romantic and professional), raise your confidence, and lead a more productive and enjoyable life.


Learning to make effective and efficient plans is a process. We don’t want to bombard you with too many resources and ideas, but we also don’t want to bore you with a research-paper-like article. To help meet you in the middle, we’ve created a number of series-based blogs, where you can read short articles and follow them over time. This will allow us to write more in depth on one particular skill — making it easier to implement in your lifestyle. You can find all series-related articles cross-references in their own category.


Whether you are looking for a new apartment, house, relocating, traveling for business or pleasure, we have got you covered. Being avid and economically responsible city-dwelling travelers, we’re here to share our words of wisdom to help you find the tools you need for a successful trip. We understand how difficult the process can be, and the added (totally unnecessary) stress it can cause. Take the successful elements you find here and adapt them to help you create plans that can put your mind at ease.