Guest Writers Valley

Opinionated, experienced, knowledgeable. These are the three pillars that define our guest writers. While we’re pretty good at sharing our stories , we only have the experience of two human beings (still learning how to adult). So we have invited our friends and family to contribute as guest writers to create an all-around experience by sharing their stories as well. 

Madhuvanthi Sridhar

Supply Chain Manager and Dog Mom

After growing up in Chennai, India, and Lagos, Nigeria, met Geethanjali and Caroline at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. After graduation from my industrial engineering degree, I went on to hold supply chain roles. In my current role as a supply chain manager, I oversee production flow at the company from dealing with acquiring raw materials to delivering the final product. I currently live in Utah and I love hiking and taking advantage of the amazing landscapes here. I love good food and chill nights in. I got married to my love last year and adopted a new puppy a few months ago, both of which required from heavy planning. Some of my specialties in advice-giving are career, travel & living, and personal development. I have always been a calculated person and appreciate planning and being prepared for anything life throws at me (it helps calm my nerves!). So here I am, excited to be contributing to Simply Prepared and be on this journey with the readers.

Jen Winesett

 High School Physics Teacher and Planning Enthusiast

I grew up in a town near Milwaukee, WI as the oldest of three daughters. Throughout my life I have had two prominent passions— physics and teaching. When I was little, I would create lesson plans and play school with my sisters; as the oldest, I would always play teacher — even though it usually ended with each of us in our rooms mad at each other (siblings!). 

At the University of Wisconsin-Madison I earned a degree in Physics and a minor in Educational Studies, and then a Master’s in Secondary Science in Curriculum and Instruction. Although it took a bit of time to find a physics teaching job, it has been the most rewarding experience of my life. Before being a teacher, planning was more of a hobby: planning for a trip, meal prepping for the week, or creating another violin practice schedule. Now as I continue to work on this very useful skill, I notice that it is something that applies to every aspect of my life.

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