University Housing

University Housing is one of the core characteristics of having a complete college experience. Living in the dorms, making new friends, eating “free” food, attending hall events, and trying to keep it down during “quiet hours” are the first things that come to mind when we think of our experiences.

We have also been on the other side of things. Between us, we have six years of University Housing experience over three positions. Caroline was a housefellow (UW-Madison’s fancy word for resident assistant) for three years and Geethanjali was a peer mentor for one year and residence life program assistant for two. Our friendship began through our roles with University Housing at the Bradley Learning Community at UW-Madison and blossomed into much more. Through our diverse roles, we have worked on everything ranging from bulletin boards to multiple events a week, and from resident conflicts to administrative tasks.

Above it all, we have found ways to be efficient with our time, to make sure we hit our requirements and more, and to have fun! We are here to share with you our stories with residence life and how you can plan for yours.

**Disclaimer: The creators, contributors, and Simply Prepared are not promoting, nor being paid, to write about or promote the University of Wisconsin – Madison or the Bradley Learning Community as part of Residence Life. This page is a way of sharing our personal positive stories and experiences in University Housing and at the University of Wisconsin- Madison. The creators, contributors, and Simply Prepared,  have no current connection to any of the listed entities. Any resemblance to actual persons and events are purely coincidental.**

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