Just two ladies with a mission to help you be the best version of you! That means creating plans that last a lifetime so you can start using your time the way you want to!

Our Mission

We want to inspire and equip – our millennial readers – wherever they are in their planning journey – with effective and efficient planning tactics, by sharing our personal experiences through fun stories. Successful execution requires successful planning. Let us help you maneuver opportunities by creating life-long roadmaps.

To our Readers

  • We want you to adopt these thinking processes and easily apply them to your lives, situations, and ultimate goals.
  • We want to equip you with the tools to plan one-and-done roadmaps that are easily mendable but don’t need revamping. 
  • Life throws us curveballs when we least expect it, but planning will help with navigating those external factors when the time comes. 
  • Don’t forget to have fun! We can’t wait to join you on your planning journey.

Geethanjali Anand


My name is Geethanjali Anand. If I had a middle name it would be travel! I am always seeking adventure. Growing up, I spent time in 6 cities over 5 countries which allowed me to embrace being a global citizen and be immersed in international and local life. After having moved back to the US for my undergraduate and graduate studies, I have only added to my adventures. I have a bachelor’s and master’s in chemical engineering and a master’s in technology ventures (a.k.a. MBA in Startups) which sets me up for an interesting career and future. I hold my friends and family close to my heart and always down to explore cities, food, culture, and new activities. 

Reflecting on my research/internships, on-campus jobs, studies, and social life, I learned the importance of making plans. Although this was something I always did, it only became a strength of mine as an adult. While life always throws barriers and iterations of my plans are required, with the right skills it never takes a full rehaul of the plan but just some minor adjustments to be successful. I am excited to share what I have learned and self-taught through my stories and hopefully be of use on your journeys.

Caroline Rozado


I was young when my parents told me that I can do anything. 20 years later I’m on the path to sample everything life has to offer! Learning openly and freely has turned me into a pretty ambitious young lady, always swimming in a sea of information and opportunities. But my parents are only part of the story. 

  • The native New Yorker in me is always looking for my next hustle. 
  • The multicultural being in me is always looking for more ways to perfect my Japanese.
  • The newly born Wisconsinite in me wants to take it easy and have a beer by the lake. 
  • The go-getter in me wants to put 60 hours of uninterrupted time to my job. 
  • The master’s student in me wants to graduate with straight As. 
  • The gardener in me wants to grow trees…yes I know I live in the concrete jungle. 
  • The hard worker in me wants to build my own furniture from scratch.
  • The critique in me wants to watch and analyze motifs in movies.

Do I need to go on???? From the stories that will be shared in this blog you know the list is never ending. Participating in these activities has shaped who I am today. Without creating hundreds of cohesive, realistic, and goal-oriented plans, I could never keep up this lifestyle.

How this blog came to be

We are about to take you down the road to the very magical meeting of Caroline and Geethanjali. Saying it in words doesn’t reflect how truly special it was for our lives to collide. 


Already having tuition paid for by a scholarship program, Caroline went through two rigorous interviews through the University Housing system to get a Housefellow (Resident Assistant) position during her junior year – to get her room and board paid for as well. Out of the 21 number of halls, she was ultimately chosen for a lovely, all first-year residents housing facility called: Bradley Learning Community. 

Upon Geethanjali’s acceptance to UW, she quickly found that in order to embrace the college experience she needed to join a community that would go the extra mile – and that was Bradley. Geethanjali enjoyed her experience so much that she ended up applying for and accepting a Peer Mentor Position at the hall during her sophomore year to give back and get to spend another year with some amazing people she met. 

The first time Caroline and Geethanjali met was in the basement of Bradley Hall for their first all-staff meeting for the next academic year. It was an old, outdated, a little dusty but a very memorable place with fun memories. The main thing to remember from that day was that the basement was FULL of Housefellows, Peer Mentors, and a couple of faculty where most people already knew each other from the year before. Out of the entire crowd, only Caroline felt like a fish out of water, because everyone knew each other….”CULT” Caroline thought. Eventually inserting herself in a conversation about cats, Caroline said “cats are evil” and that is when Geethanjali realized they needed to be friends. This was the start of a very beautiful friendship that found many moments in the Residence Life Office and Afterhours lounge, building bulletin boards, sharing stories, drinks, dances, and eating A LOT of food. 

Geethanjali and Caroline are friends and family. So you can imagine how their communication style is when you read how this blog ultimately was conceptualized. And, there you have it 🙂 We hope you find everything you need and more, as you take this journey to love your life long plans and take them into your future!